Setting priorities: must I do this now?
Setting priorities: must I do this now?

Is your head ‘full’, do you have a long to do-list or do you feel that everything is getting too much for you? There is a technique for setting priorities very easily. You only have to ask yourself one simple question: must I do this now?

The key is to no just ask this question in one way but in in five different ways. Every time you put the emphasis on one of the five words. The meaning of the question (and therefore the answer) changes if you emphasize another word:

  • MUST  I do this now?
  • Must I do this now?
  • Must I DO this now?
  • Must I do THIS now?
  • Must I do this NOW?

Do you already notice a change?

Must I do this now? Is it a must or is it something that you would like to do? Have you imposed this on yourself or have someone else imposed it on you? Or can you skip the task?

Must I do this now? Do you have to do this task? Or could a colleague, family member or partner also do this very well? Can you leave this to someone else? Delegating a task can be better sometimes, because you are not good at it yourself, because you have little time or because you do not enjoy it.

Must I DO this now? Or must you leave this?

Must I do THIS now? What really needs to be done? Would you rather do something else? Is this really the wisest way to spend your time and attention at the moment?

Must I do this NOW? Is it a task that can wait a little longer? Does it really have such a priority? Are there other things that deserve your attention now? Do you come a step closer to your dream life with what you are doing now?

Have you answered all these questions with a “no”? Then worrying is not necessary. You can better delegate it, ignore it or schedule it for a later moment. Give it a try! You will immediately notice that it gives more mental space.

Help needed?

Do you want more help in setting priorities or in making choices? A NiceDay psychologist can help you. You can get started right away.

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