How can I get rid of my crying spells?

I have been traumatized by a narcissistic mother for 70 years and only realize that since she passed away 3 years ago. My therapists originally assumed that I have bipolar disorder, but now they believe that I have emotional dysregulation disorder. I am completely confused. What would you recommend to me? I’m fairly stable now that she’s not terrorising me mentally, but should I still be doing therapy at my age?

So when I was pregnant (end of first trimester, start of second), I ended up rescuing a dog. This dog has a ton of personality, funny but a bit mischievous at times. Knows how to sit, lay down and shake a paw. Wasn’t the best at coming back but knew where his home was. When he was a puppy he was afraid of cats, I didn’t think much of it at the time. Later on he started barking, chasing them and it progressed into catching them.. (this started after our baby was born and about 2 months old). Needless to say I had my hands full. It’s been a few months since but the town is now debating on putting him down.. I have possibly found someone multiple hours away to take the dog. But the dog has finally grown out of being a mischievous puppy and has become more of a family dog. What should/could I do about the situation at hand?

From the age of 6, I was bullied for ten years straight, for no reason whatsoever. After this, I let myself get used, abused, and raped by all kinds of people I trusted or put above myself. Next, I was trapped in narcissistic ‘marriage’. I’ve finally escaped and I’m ‘free’. But I immediately ended up in another toxic relationship. At first, I thought it was all good. However, his true colours are showing now and I’m thrown out in the garbage daily to then be taken out again. I just can’t get rid of it. There are so many things broken about me, about how my system works. Sometimes I am very self-destructive, especially in my head and that also expresses itself physically. I really wish there was someone I could talk to and help me figure out what’s wrong with me.

So I guess my question boils down to if this is something I should seek help about, and if so, where?

A little more specific info about my issue: On a daily basis, I keep forgetting minor things, this is normal, I know. However, I tend to spend hours upon hours asking myself: “What was that thing I forgot?”. This feeling could be a result of a conversation I had and forgot, or just a random thought that went by in my head (even if I didn’t fully grasp the thought and had no time to process it), or the feeling of something I need to do, e.g. chores. I try to tell myself that it isn’t important, which it isn’t, in most cases. I try to distract myself by working out or with entertainment. But I keep having the feeling of forgetting something and it is really upsetting, it can actually stop me from focusing on something more important.

This has been happening for quite a while now. Probably started when I was around 19, and I’m 26 now. Some periods are worse than others, and currently, I’m having a really tough time with this. Multiple times a day, approximately up to 10 times a day, something I “forgot” starts bothering me. This piles up, and at the end of the day I’m almost exhausted trying to figure out everything I “forgot”. A good night of sleep usually makes it all go away, but not always. As far as I can tell there is no correlation between the “good” and “bad” periods.

I don’t see my issue as forgetting things, but rather letting go of them. Is this some kind of anxiety? I would argue that my overall mental health is good, apart from this.

Thanks in advance for any help here.