A few tips to address work stress


Almost everyone experiences stress at work from time to time. However, when this stress persists for a long period of time, stress-related complaints can arise. Below, you will find a number of tips to deal with the stress in order to prevent long term complaints.

1. Make sure you find a good balance between work and relaxation

Make sure that after a stressful period, you give yourself a moment for relaxation. When you are relaxing, try not to busy yourself with work-related tasks. By giving yourself a break after the stress, you are less likely to exceed your limits and exhaust yourself. You could try a relaxation exercise .

2. Have the courage to say ‘no’

Learning how to say ‘no’ can save you a lot of time and energy. Start by saying ‘no’ to something small, or by practicing with a person who you might find it easier with. Then you can start applying this at your workplace. In order not to say ‘yes’ too quickly, you can ask for some time to consider when a colleague asks you to do something. Then you can consider whether or not you have time to carry out the task. In this article , you will find some tips on being assertive.

3. Set achievable goals

By setting achievable goals, you can ensure that you do not ask too much of yourself. For example, divide the task you have to complete into several sub-tasks. With every sub-task you complete, you will feel fulfilled and increase your motivation to continue working on the task.

4. Set priorities

If you take on too many tasks at the same time, the chances are small that you will be able to perform them all efficiently and properly. Which task is the most important at the moment? It is useful to make a list about what is a priority that day, so that you have a clear overview. It is important that the number of daily tasks is realistic and achievable.

5. Make sure you have time for fun things besides work

Meet up with a friend or go walking / running / rollerblading through the woods. By engaging in activities other than work, you can shake off your worries and recharge for the following workday.

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