How do you keep structure in your day during corona regulations?
How do you keep structure in your day during corona regulations?

A good day structure is important if you suffer from psychological complaints, you have probably heard that before. Now the corona regulations have started, maintaining your day structure can be a lot more difficult. Maybe you suddenly don’t work for now, or you work from home. It may also be that you have to work more than usual. Read more about how you can keep your day structure in place as much as possible in this crisis.

It starts with a good sleep rhythm

A good day structure starts with maintaining regular times to go to bed and get up again. This is important because your biological clock adjusts to this. Your biological clock determines all kinds of important processes in your body. The clock gives all kinds of signals to your organs by means of hormones and tells them what to do at what time of the day. If you disturb the rhythm, the biological clock also disrupts and you can get all kinds of complaints, such as fatigue in the middle of the day, feeling hunger at strange times, mood swings and concentration problems. When the biological clock is disrupted, it becomes increasingly difficult to go to sleep and wake up at set times, which ensures that the biological clock remains disrupted or even more confused.

What can you do?

For the coming weeks, decide the time you want to get up and the time you want to go to sleep. It is most ideal if these times are equal to how they were before the corona regulations. Also think about fixed time for your meals, as meals also affect your biological clock. Is it difficult for you? Then ask if people would like to help you with this, for example by sending an app or a call.

No work? What then?

If you have little to do now, think about the tasks you could do in the coming weeks. Think of all kinds of things you never have the time for like, cleaning the bathroom, learning to play the guitar, adjusting pants, reading your favorite book again, cleaning your shoes, doing yoga exercises, drawing, painting, tinkering or baking. List everything you could do. Then make a schedule in which you choose tasks from the list. It is important to alternate boring tasks with fun ones.

Tip to make it more fun; decorate your schedule if this is something you like and make sure you can cross off tasks. Crossing off tasks gives a positive feeling, which is a nice bonus!

Make social appointments digital

Do not forget to include digital social appointments in your planning. You can also drink a cup of coffee on the phone, or via an video call. It is also possible to play certain games online with friends. By having social contact digitally, you keep in touch with the people who are important to you. You can also share the feelings you experience during this crisis with others.

Help each other

You can also think about how you can support others. Who knows, there may be people in your area who work in a vital sector and are helped with practical support for example when it comes to shopping. Helping others gives us a good feeling, which is a nice bonus!

Do you need to work more?

It is also important to maintain a good day structure, in these challenging times. Take good care of yourself when it comes to sleep, food and moments of rest within the hectic pace. Plan these moments for yourself wherever possible and see whether people around you can relieve you where possible. Maybe someone who now has less work to do can cook, or someone can get groceries for you. Perhaps you have a sister or brother who can call your grandmother, so you can leave this to them and save energy for yourself and your work. Be creative in solutions. Keep talking to each other about what is helpful for you in this unreal situation.

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