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It is almost that time of the year again; Christmas. You see lights everywhere, the shops are full of Christmas decorations and you hear Christmas music everywhere. However, this year the streets are empty again and we can’t celebrate Christmas like we usually do. Maybe you are getting ready for Christmas dinner with (part of) the family, maybe you prefer to stay safe (alone) at home this year or you don’t celebrate Christmas at all. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, for example because it is not part of their culture/religion, or because people don’t have anyone to celebrate with, or simply don’t want to. More people feel lonely during Christmas than you think, especially during corona.

What can you do if you are feeling lonely with christmas?

The first thing to realize is that you are not alone. A lot of people don’t celebrate Christmas or don’t have people to celebrate it with. It may be a little consolation, but you are not alone. You don’t have to sit and do nothing at Christmas, you can also get out and do something. Such as taking a nice walk or just enjoying your day off at home and doing the things you normally don’t have time for. Are you staying at home because of the corona measures? Then try to meet with family or friends online. Play a virtual game or drink a cup of coffee together via video calling or zoom; so you still spend some time together. You can also ask friends or family to take a walk together while keeping your distance.

Stay positive

Christmas only lasts for two days. Of course, it’s not always very nice to listen to other people making plans and talking about how they are going to celebrate. But think of the positive side: you are free and you have time for yourself! You can do a lot of things: finish reading that one book that you would like to read, cook for yourself or binge-watch your favourite series. Christmas isn’t always a very relaxing time for the people who do celebrate it. There is the planning of what to eat and with whom, in which house and with how many people. Especially with the current corona restrictions. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you don’t have to experience these moments of stress; you can just relax!

My own experience

I don’t celebrate Christmas and I don’t have this holiday as a childhood memory. No one in my family celebrates it, so I do not know any better. However, I did go to a Catholic elementary school, so I learned a lot about Christmas. Personally, I think it is the cosiest time of the year with all those pretty lights outside. I do not celebrate it with my family, but my friends invite me over to celebrate it with them and to eat their leftovers. I think that is really sweet of them and I think that is the real Christmas spirit: thinking about others.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year! 🙂

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