Where can I find help for my burnout?
Where can I find help for my burnout?
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Do you suffer from burnout symptoms, or do you think that you are currently dealing with a burnout? Help and guidance in your recovery from burnout is extremely important! This way you ensure that your symptoms don’t get worse. But where can you go when you are looking for help for your burnout? And what happens during the treatment? Below, we have listed the answers to these questions.

Where can you go?

  • The general practitioner and assistant practitioner (POH-GGZ)

You can schedule an appointment with your general practitioner to discuss what the assistant practitioner can do for you. An assistant practitioner can get a good picture of your complaints, guide you and investigate whether / what help is needed.

  • Psychologist

You can get a referral for a psychologist through your doctor, who can guide you more intensively during your recovery process. During the treatment you will actively work with your complaints, pitfalls and recovery. In addition, you draw up a together, to prevent you from ending up in a burnout again in the future!

  • Coach

You can also recover from your burnout with the help of a coach. A burnout is uninsured care, which means that in many cases (but not always) a health insurance company does not reimburse the treatment of a burnout. That is why you can also choose to independently engage a coach who can help you.

  • Company doctor

If you have reported sick at work, you are probably already in contact with the company doctor. The company doctor will discuss with both you and your employer, how you can gradually start working again. Your employer is legally obliged (by the “Gatekeeper Improvement Act“) to help you with your recovery. The company doctor represents both your interests and those of the employer. He or she will also think about what you need to get back to work.

  • Social worker

Are you in debt, do you have housing problems or problems raising your children? Then a social worker can help you make an action plan. You can get in touch with a social worker through your doctor’s office.

How does the recovery from a burnout proceed?

During your recovery or the treatment of a burnout, you go through a number of phases. You learn to understand and accept that you have a burnout and that you do not know exactly what to expect or how long your recovery will take. The balance between effort (movement) and relaxation (rest) is made. Rest is essential in a burnout! It is also important that your environment knows this. You will investigate the causes of your tension, look under supervision how you deal with situations and how you want to tackle certain situations differently in the future.

At some point you will start with reintegration at work; for example, you start with a number of hours. You will apply all the knowledge you have acquired in your daily life and work. This is done gradually, so that you do not get back to work too quickly and to reduce the chance of you relapsing in the future.

Responsibility for your recovery

You are largely responsible for your recovery process. If you feel that too much pressure is being exerted on you, for example at work, please let them know! Listen to your body and be patient with yourself. Treating a burnout is a process and that includes falling back into your old patterns. Discuss your burnout with your friends and family and have a professional involved in your recovery.


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