What is your motivation?


If you have decided to quit your addiction, your motivation is important. You’ve probably already thought about this and envisioned why you want to quit. Nevertheless, we would like to challenge you to dwell a little longer on the question: what is your motivation?


Intrinsic or Extrinsic Motivation?

You are intrinsically motivated when you do something because you want to do so. Or because you think it is important to do. Intrinsic motivation arises from an internal drive. It’s about your own needs, values ​​and interests. Your health could be an intrinsic reason to quit your addiction.

If your motivation is formed by an external factor, then you are extrinsically motivated. You do something because you have to or because someone else wants you too. For example, a partner who threatens with divorce if an alcoholic does not stop drinking.

The advantage of intrinsic motivation is that you are stimulated from within to work on yourself. Therefore, the chance of success is greater. When it comes to extrinsic motivation, you need an external stimulus to achieve the behavioural change. This increases the chances of a relapsing back into your addictive behaviour.


What are your reasons for quitting?

Take the time to reflect on what your actual motivation is to quit your addiction. Write it down as extensively as possible. Share it with someone close to you or with your professional. Others will be able to help you. Above all, be honest with yourself.

Remember: by having a clear picture of what your motivation is to stop your addiction, you can use it to fall back on if you experience difficult moments during your recovery process.


NiceDay action

Write down the main reasons why you want to quit in NiceDay, in your notebook or on a post-it. It can be a useful tool to help keep you on the path to recovery. You can set up reminders in NiceDay to remind you of why you stopped. You can also send your professional a chat message when you need extra support or a helping hand.


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