Using the questions below, we will try to create an overview of your past relationship experiences; what you have learned from them, and what you are looking for in and expecting from a relationship currently. Writing about these experiences can create clarity. Record the answers in a journal note in NiceDay.

  • How have I dealt with relationships in the past?(e.g. what was my role; was I a giver, a taker, a talker, a listening ear? Was I there in times of need or not? Was there personal contact often or was there just contact by phone/internet?)
  • What did I miss in a relationship in the past?
  • What has been a nice relationship in the past and what have I learned from this relationship?
  • What am I looking for in a relationship?
  • What do I expect from the other person in a relationship?
  • What does the ideal relationship look like to me?
  • Who would I want to have this relationship with and where could I find this person? (e.g. someone my own age, someone with the same hobbies and interests, someone of the same or the opposite sex)

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