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Someone in your social network has trauma-related complaints. Pleased to hear that you are there to support them. The person who is experiencing these complaints can sometimes be withdrawn, restless, irritable or aggressive and display evasive behaviour.

When someone is experiencing trauma-related complaints, it can affect the functioning and well-being of their family, their relationship and any children they might have. This can also be the case with the strongest, closest families.

As a partner of someone suffering from trauma, you may feel powerless because you cannot eliminate the root cause of the problem. You may also experience feelings of guilt because you cannot do anything or because you feel like it is down to you to solve the issue.

Children can show difficult or rebellious behaviour, or they can take over responsibilities from their parents. It is good to be alert to this together.

To avoid conflict or difficult situations, it is important to keep talking to each other about the problems and complaints. What do you both feel, how can you deal with that, how can you support each other?


Verwerk de schok; impact op partner en gezinsleden

PsychoTraumaNet; gevolgen van traumatische stress

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