If you decide to work on yourself with the support of a professional, your own motivation is vital. You’ve probably already thought about this and even set concrete goals for yourself. Nevertheless, we would like to challenge you to dwell a little longer on the question: what is your motivation?

Intrinsic or Extrinsic Motivation?

There are two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. You are intrinsically motivated when you do something that you want to do or because you like to do it. Intrinsic motivation arises from an internal drive. It’s about your needs, values ​​and interests. Your health can be a reason to take better care of yourself and to live a healthier life.

If your motivation is formed by an external factor or source, then you are extrinsically motivated. You do something because you have to or because someone else wants you to. For example, a partner who threatens with divorce if their alcoholic partner does not stop drinking.

Intrinsic motivation is more successful

The advantage of being intrinsically motivated is that you are stimulated from within to work on yourself. With extrinsic motivation, an external stimulus is required to achieve the behavioural change. Therefore, with extrinsic motivation there is an increased chance of relapsing.

What are you doing it for?

Take the time to consider what the real motivation behind your self-development is. Write this down as extensively as possible. Share this with someone close to you or with your professional. Others will be able to help you with this. Above all, be honest with yourself. What drives you to let go of an old (unhealthy) habit and to work on yourself?

Remember: if you have a clear picture of what motivates you, you will be able to fall back on this during difficult moments. See it as something that will motivate you to persevere.

In the NiceDay app

Create a registration in the NiceDay app explaining what your motivation for working on yourself is. You can set reminders for yourself in NiceDay to remind you of why you started this process. You can also send your professional a chat message if you need an extra push in the right direction.

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