Alcohol is part of our life. You can find it anywhere; on television, social media, in public spaces and in

Overwhelming emotions can occur in all emotions: angry, happy, sadness or fear. For some people emotions are like a wave

Everyone has probably been guilty of it at one point or another; using or ingesting substances for a purpose other

Less alcohol is the trend. A growing number of people are becoming aware of the damaging effects of alcohol, non-alcoholic

You have probably heard of psychedelic drugs such as LSD or truffles. Maybe you know people who have used them,

In the Netherlands about 384,000 people are unemployed. Losing your job can have many reasons and unfortunately many people have

I regularly hear people say: ‘I have a realistic self-image, not a negative one. I am just not that good

A burnout on its own is debilitating enough. But having a burnout and having children is completely grueling. While you

It is pretty certain that at some point in your life you will meet a challenging and difficult person and …

As a parent, family life is one of the most intense periods of your life. Where you used to be