The purpose of this assignment is to outline the conflict as accurately as possible. It will include who you had a conflict with, what the conflict was about, what feelings the conflict evoked in you, and what your wishes are regarding the person with whom you have the conflict. Finally, you will pay attention to what you have already done to make your wishes clear to the other person.


Grab a notebook, the NiceDay app or your laptop, and answer the questions below as extensively as possible.

  1. Who am I in conflict with?
  2. What is the conflict about (try to mention one clear topic and talk about it extensively)?
  3. What feelings does the conflict evoke in me (e.g. angry, scared, sad, shame, irritation, insecurity, vulnerability, etc.)
  4. What are my wishes regarding this person (what do I expect, what do I want to see differently? Try to make at least 3 points.)?
  5. What have I already tried to do to make my wishes known?

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