List of enjoyable activities


This list contains 141 suggestions for different activities you can do. You can also think of some of your own. Not all the activities will be fun or suitable for everyone.

Try to make a list of at least 20 activities that:

  • Seem fun
  • You used to like but don’t feel like doing at the moment
  • You are good at

Add this list to your NiceDay diary. For example, you can enter “Activity list” as the title. Next, you can write down this list of activities on your “note” tab so that you can always see them.


  1. Watch television
  2. Listen to the radio
  3. Listen to music
  4. Do board or committee work in your spare time
  5. Play board games (such as Monopoly, Scrabble, shuffleboard, etc.)
  6. Do voluntary work (such as community work, supporting the elderly, work at animal shelters, etc.)
  7. Play cards
  8. Do a puzzle
  9. Read a book
  10. Read the newspaper or a magazine
  11. Sing or play a musical instrument
  12. Meditation and/or yoga
  13. Draw or paint
  14. Crafts (such as pottery, leather processing, weaving, etc.)
  15. Needlework (such as knitting, crocheting, embroidery, etc.)
  16. Keep a diary
  17. Photography and filming
  18. Fishing
  19. Gardening
  20. Train and/or care for your pet
  21. Work on a collection (such as stamps, coins, CDs, plates, etc.)
  22. Tidy up your house or room and/or change the interior
  23. Do a chore in or around the house
  24. Do a strenuous job (sawing or chopping wood, digging, gardening, etc.)
  25. Make or sew clothes
  26. Do a task for work with colleagues
  27. Do a task for work alone
  28. Visiting parents, family, etc.
  29. Visit friends or acquaintances
  30. Eat with friends
  31. Throw a party
  32. Drink coffee or tea with friends or acquaintances
  33. Have some guests over at your house
  34. Write a letter or e-mail
  35. Talk to a stranger
  36. Tell someone about what you have been through
  37. Talk about your daily activities (job, school, hobbies, etc.)
  38. Attend official ceremonies
  39. Call friends or acquaintances
  40. Arrange a meeting with someone from the other sex
  41. Arrange a meeting with someone from the same sex
  42. Give out some advice
  43. Ask for help or advice
  44. Visit people who are sick or in difficult situations
  45. Ask for a massage
  46. ​​Make love to someone
  47. Hug someone
  48. Flirt with someone
  49. Arrange a date
  50. Kiss someone
  51. Drink coffee or tea
  52. Tell someone what you think of him/her
  53. Enjoy looking at attractive men or women
  54. Take a shower or bath
  55. Drink something fresh (lemonade, fruit juice, etc.)
  56. Cook food
  57. Lie or sit in the sun or on tanning beds
  58. Just sit quietly
  59. Sleep
  60. Take a nap
  61. Sit on a terrace
  62. Go to a hairdresser or beautician
  63. Use aftershave, perfume, etc.
  64. Go to the movies
  65. Spend time on your appearance
  66. Cook, try new recipes
  67. Bake bread, cake or biscuit yourself
  68. Make snacks
  69. Eat outdoors
  70. Go to a cafe or bar
  71. Go to a concert, play, opera or ballet
  72. Go to a fun fair, circus, amusement park, zoo or rodeo
  73. Go on vacation
  74. Go to parties or receptions
  75. Go to the market
  76. Go to the library
  77. Go to auctions, car sales, etc.
  78. Go shopping
  79. Go to a swimming pool, a sauna, etc.
  80. Buy something for yourself
  81. Attend a lecture
  82. Visit a museum or exhibition
  83. Buy something for someone else
  84. Travel (car, train, bus, etc.)
  85. Make a group trip
  86. Dance, do ballet, gymnastics etc.
  87. Cycle
  88. Take a walk
  89. Talk about sports
  90. Stay with family
  91. Join a sports club
  92. Exercise outside of a club (a game of football, table tennis, skating, etc.)
  93. Attend sports events
  94. Learn astrology from horoscope reading
  95. Visit caves, waterfalls, picturesque wonders
  96. Go on excursions and outings (or view maps and tour booklets)
  97. Take on science hobbies, such as astronomy and nature studies
  98. Learn about history
  99. Do things with your neighbours
  100. Do things with your child(ren) or grandchild(ren)
  101. Exercise / train with weights
  102. Engage in computer technology and communication
  103. Watch movies, series, Netflix or online videos
  104. Watch sports events on television
  105. Play pool or billiards
  106. Do some woodwork
  107. Do some motor vehicle engineering (car repair or construction, tuning)
  108. Do water polo
  109. Go flying or gliding
  110. Learn to speak a foreign language
  111. Travel to a foreign country
  112. Go (indoor) skiing or snowboarding
  113. Use the Internet
  114. Chat on the Internet
  115. Send a text message from WhatsApp
  116. Go motorcycling
  117. Go car racing or go-karting
  118. Go bungee jumping or skydiving
  119. Play on a game console (Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation)
  120. Perform for an audience (band, dance, theatre, cabaret, etc.)
  121. Go boating (canoeing, rafting, sailing, catamaran, etc.)
  122. Play ball sports (football, volleyball, handball, rugby, baseball, etc.)
  123. Play tennis
  124. Keep an aquarium or terrarium
  125. Go quad biking or dirt biking
  126. Go to big parties or events (house, rave, disco)
  127. Go (kite)surfing
  128. Go skating, rollerblading or skateboarding
  129. Play hockey or ice hockey
  130. Play golf
  131. Write or tell stories
  132. Do martial arts
  133. Go running or jogging
  134. Sell stuff (on Facebook marketplace or the market, for example)
  135. Do outdoor activities (such as hiking, camping, mountaineering)
  136. Go picnicking
  137. Go to the park or forest
  138. Improve your health (dentist, buy glasses, change diet)
  139. Go horseback riding
  140. Go laser gaming or paintballing
  141. Dress up nicely

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