Expressing positive emotions


You can express positive feelings in many different ways. For example, by complimenting someone or by expressing your appreciation. Below are some tips for giving a compliment.

How do you give a compliment?

  • A compliment is specific. You need to make it clear what the other person has done well, for example “I like that you have already cooked!”
  • Indicate why you appreciate it so much. Support your compliment with examples“… because I am a bit tired from work.’’
  • Preferably give the compliment from a first-person perspective, in the ‘I’ form. This makes it more personal.
  • Be positive: focus on what the other has done and not on what the other has forgotten.

How to express a compliment:

  • Preferably give the compliment face-to-face. With face-to-face contact, you can use gestures and eye contact. This ensures that the compliment has more of an impact.
  • Support your compliment with enthusiasm and body language, but don’t try to exaggerate! This carries the risk that your compliment will come across as disingenuous.
  • Make sure your compliments are well directed. Focus the compliment on one or two people for whom the compliment is intended.

How do you receive a compliment?

Many people find it difficult to deal with and receive compliments. You may think you appear arrogant or it can make you feel uncomfortable. Giving thanks is a good first step in accepting a compliment.

An example is: “That’s a nice coat you have on”. Then you can say: “Thank you!”.

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