During your recovery process, you will take your own meeting notes after a session with your coach or practitioner.

What do I write in my meeting notes?

In your meeting notes, you will write down the most important information of the session. Information that you want to remember or that you want to read again, for example. You can write it down in your own words and you can give it your own interpretation; point by point or as a story. They are your notes. You can write down the following things:

  • Date of the session and the session number (e.g., session 6).
  • Give a (brief) summary of the session. What did you discuss today?
  • What were the most important points discussed today, how did the session benefit you? For example, things that you would like to remember and or new insights that you have gained.
  • The homework discussed for the following session.

How does this benefit me?

Writing down the discussed information supports your recovery in several ways:

  • Taking the notes yourself ensures that you consciously reflect on what has been discussed after the session ended. You will become more mindful of the discussed information and it will improve your reflection.
  • It is easier to remember information if you write it down in your own words.
  • You can always read the note again. Even after ending your treatment, the notes will remain available for you to view in NiceDay.
  • You actively take part in your recovery, which gives you more control over your own treatment process and the information that is in your file.

Your professional will also be able to see whether you have correctly understood the information discussed and, if necessary, make adjustments to the note themselves.

How do I take my meeting notes?

You can take a meeting note in the Trackers overview, under “Meeting notes”. You can create a note by tapping on the plus button. In this overview, you can also find the notes taken by your professional.



Collaborate on the meeting notes

When you have created the notes, your professional can read them and add additions if necessary. This can look like this:


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