For your own recovery, it is very important to track your progress. This will give you insight into your own thoughts and behaviour, as well as allowing you to reflect on them. To help you with this, you can regularly fill in short questionnaires, also known as ROM measurements (Routine Outcome Monitoring). With these questions, you can keep track of your progress. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion about the sessions and the treatment. By doing this, you can stay in control of your own treatment process. Your professional has access to the results so that you can discuss them during your sessions.

What’s the point of these questions?

We use two short, appointment-bound questionnaires, consisting of five questions. Not only are they quick to fill in, they’ll also provide your professional with information about how you are doing, and will give you more insight into your own state of mind, how you think the treatment is going and what you think about the sessions.

  1. You fill in the first questionnaire prior to your appointment. This is about your health and well-being. You can indicate how you are doing in various domains, such as in your social relationships or regarding your physical health, at the moment of filling out the questionnaire. The questions are formulated positively and will help to monitor your recovery and allow you to check whether the treatment is still going in the right direction together.
  2. You complete the second questionnaire after your appointment. Its focus is on your experience of the session you just had. Answering these questions helps to optimize the collaboration with your practitioner. Your opinion about the treatment and the sessions is very important! Therefore, you can fill in the list honestly and share your thoughts about it.

Where can I find these questions?

You can find the questions in your Daily Planner on the day your session is scheduled.

  1. You will see the questions that you fill in before the session as “Questionnaire: how are you?” If you tap on this, you can answer the questions one by one with a slider.
  2. You can find the questions that you fill in after the interview by tapping on the scheduled session. These questions are also answered using a slider.

Would you like to see how to fill in the questions step by step? Watch the instruction video below (NL):


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