I remember when I started therapy: I was in the waiting room in the department of depression and psychotrauma. Much clearer could not it? I wanted to be invisible and sometimes found it hard to tell my story. After 9 months of loyal therapy in regular mental healthcare, I registered with NiceDay. I didn’t have to tell who I was and was allowed to set my own limits. This felt so good for me! I was able to tell my story without shame and in my own environment. I could cry, be angry, be happy, I didn’t have to take anything into account. That gave me a lot of peace.

Through everything I kept in the app, my practitioner saw my eating disorder before I saw it. He also saw that things were going better so he could show me that I was on the better hand. I am so grateful to my practitioner!

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Copyright © 2019. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2019. All Rights Reserved