About NiceDay

Personal mental help when it matters: that is what we strive for.

By using technology you always have professional help nearby.

We work completely online at NiceDay, so we can be closer to you during an exciting or important moment. Our professionals also have time in their calendar to check in with you every day, if necessary. They have insight into everything that you keep in the app, such as your steps, diary or your mood. This information offers you and your professional insight into your progress. This way you see what works for you and what does not work for you, what triggers a positive or negative feeling and you make the right steps to a happy (er) life every day!

Our Team

We do it together: psychologists, psychiatrists, developers, researchers and ambassadors are working every day to improve and expand NiceDay. Everything to make you have a nice day!

NiceDay is powered by Sense Health & PsyQ

In 2018, the first PsyQ team started 100% online treatment. Since then we continue to innovate, improve grow. Currently, more than 100 professionals work according to the NiceDay Way at various organizations including PsyQ, i-psy, Synaeda and Sinefuma.