NiceDay Guidelines

To ensure working with NiceDay runs smoothly, we ask you to take a number of guidelines into account. If you have any questions, please contact the NiceDay Team.

  • Do not make audio or screen recordings of the conversation without agreement of the other party
    It is not respectful to take recordings of conversations without agreement of the other party. If you still want to do this, discuss this in advance and ask for permission from the other party. Has a recording been made? NiceDay is not responsible for any consequences.
  • Professional system requirements
    To get started with NiceDay it is important that you have the right resources. As a professional, it is important that you have a computer/laptop that has a webcam and microphone, when you want to use video calling. NiceDay works with the following web browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • User system requirements
    NiceDay works on smartphones with the following operating systems: at least Android 5 and at least iOS 9. It is important that the NiceDay app is regularly updated to be able to use the latest functionalities.
  • Accessibility
    Inform each other about your accessibility and availability. In principle, professionals are available on work days during office hours, unless you agree otherwise. Of course, chat messages can be sent at any time, but it can take some time for them to get an answer.
  • Interact with each other
    NiceDay strives to create a safe and open atmosphere in which we can be honest with each other. Both client and professional may address the other person on behaviour that is undesirable. In this way we want to create an optimal atmosphere to grow together.