Mood registrations

You can keep track of your mood in NiceDay. Register your mood at least 3 times a day to gain insight into how you are feeling. This is especially important for the days after a session.

Keep a diary

The first few days after a session, it is useful to keep a diary. This will help to give you insight into how you are doing, what you are thinking and how you are feeling. Your professional will be able to read these entries as well. In the diary, you can also register your feelings, for example how anxious you are feeling.

For example, make a note in your diary if you are experiencing:

  • Nightmares/dreams related to the trauma
  • Flashbacks
  • Feeling hyper alert / being on your guard
  • Avoidance (of topics of conversation, people or places related to the trauma)
  • Physical complaints (fatigue/sleeping problems/(head) pain/memory loss, etc.)
  • Negative feelings (anger/sadness/fear/guilt/shame)
  • Positive feelings (excited/happy/curious/relaxed)


A healthy lifestyle is a good basis for any treatment. If you want to exercise more, you can activate the pedometer and set a goal for the number of steps you want to take each day.

Play back recordings

It is important to be actively involved in the treatment outside of the session hours. You can do this, amongst other things, by listening to the recording of the session five times. You will make specific agreements about this with your professional, for example about when you are going to listen to the recording, what you are going to write down about it and what you can do afterwards.

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