The possibilities of the NiceDay app


The NiceDay app helps you to work towards your goals and work on your personal growth. For example, by gaining insight into your own feelings, thoughts, behaviour and patterns. And also by examining and challenging your thoughts. NiceDay is your daily reminder of your development process and your goals. In short, NiceDay helps you to grow!

Below, you can read about the possibilities of the NiceDay app and how the app works. Have you not downloaded the NiceDay app yet? Click on one of the links below to get started as soon as possible.


You can use the planner to plan activities and exercises. This will give you an overview of the things you want to do and will help you to stick to them. After you have completed an activity, you can ‘tick it off’ and write down how it went, giving you a moment to reflect on the activity.


Tip: Plan your activities with a reminder so you don’t forget about them.


In your diary, you can keep track of what you have experienced, your thoughts, how you felt and what you did. This allows you to reflect and gain insight into your day and current situation. This video will show you how to use the diary.

Tip: Set a reminder to write in your diary at the end of the day.


Tracker: keep track of relevant feelings or your complaints

The Tracker is a functionality which allows you to easily keep track of specific behaviour, emotions or actions in the app. Think of rest and relaxation, alcohol use, panic attacks, pain, happy feelings, etc.

Tip: Do not use too many trackers at the same time. Try to pick two or three to keep track of that are relevant to you.

Set reminders

You can set reminders for all your exercises and/or activities. This ensures that you won’t forget about them, but can also give you that extra little bit of motivation in difficult moments. The reminder(s) will also appear on your planner.


Tip: It helps to set a motivational title, which you will see on your screen when you receive the reminder.

Register your feelings

Keep track of your feelings with the NiceDay app on a daily basis. This will give you insight into your well-being and will provide you with information on how and where you can make effective changes to improve your situation. If necessary, add a note to elaborate on your smiley. This video will show you how you can register your feelings.

Tip: You can set a reminder for this!


Staying active is good for your health. By exercising regularly, you will become fitter as well as more balanced both mentally and physically. In the NiceDay app, you can easily keep track of how many steps you take per day and set a step goal for yourself.

Read about certain topics in the library or blog

Reading and learning about certain topics or about your situation can increase your knowledge and insight. It can help you understand and accept your situation. Our blog and library can be found at

Tip: After reading an article, it is helpful to write down what you learned and what information helped you in your diary in the NiceDay app. 

Insight into your thoughts: Thought Record

The Thought Record is a tool that can be used to find out which thoughts (unconscious or automatic) lead to an event that evokes certain feelings. Read more about what a Thought Record is and how to fill one out here.

Daily tip

In the app, you will receive a daily tip with a motivational or helpful message, which can help to make your day a little better. For example: “Send a message of gratitude to someone you love” or “There is a future version of yourself who is proud of you for being strong enough”.

Tip: Write down the tips that you find helpful in your diary or create a reminder so you can read them back every now and then.

View your progress

Reflecting provides you with insight into your growth process and your progress. At the end of each week and at the end of your entire process, review what you have done. What went well? What are you proud of? What can you improve? Do you notice patterns? Write down your insights in a diary entry in the NiceDay app.

Technical support and questions

Do you have questions about using the app or do you have a problem which you cannot resolve yourself? Read the manual and the answers to the frequently asked questions in our knowledge base, or contact our NiceDay Support Team on working days via the app (Support tab) or by telephone on 010 – 3030 600. We are happy to help you!


Get started

Read the previous article and learn how to use the NiceDay app and all its possibilities to work toward your goals independently. 

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