During this writing assignment, you will investigate what has changed in your life, such as leaving home, the birth of a first child, retirement, divorce, moving houses or a changed work situation. We will discuss what your life was like before the change and what it looks like now. We will look at what has been lost and what feelings these losses evoke. You will write about everything you did before the change and which people played a role in this.

Explanation of the writing assignment

Writing about a situation sometimes makes it easier to list all your thoughts and to get a good overview. Find a quiet place, pick up a sheet, notebook, the NiceDay app or a computer, and try to answer the following questions as extensively as possible:

  1. Which change has taken place?
  2. What did your life look like before the change? Which activities did you do? Which people were important and why?
  3. What does your life look like now? What has changed? Which activities do you do now? Which people are important and why?
  4. What has changed? What has been lost?
  5. Which feelings played a role in this?

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